Francis Preve

Designed by renowned synthesizer expert Francis Preve, the Serum Toolkit is a collection of 100 presets that run the gamut from modern genres like Future House, Indie, and Ambient, to faithful reproductions of vintage synths like the Arp Omni II, Roland D-50 and TB-303. In addition to these essential synth textures, the Toolkit also includes an array of special effects like Dopplers, risers, cheering crowds and talk boxes.

Synth guru Francis Preve returns with a new collection of Serum patches, continuing his focus on essential and truly useful presets. Serum Toolkit Volume 2 puts the emphasis on iconic sounds built around a variety of synthesis techniques including analog, FM, vector and LA synthesis.


With Serum Toolkit Vol. 3, iconic sound designer Francis Preve takes his Toolkit series to the next level. Featuring 100 custom wavetables based on physically modeled instruments and 70 sampled transients and decays - including recorded guitars and percussion - every core element in Toolkit Vol. 3 is original.