User Presets list inside of Serum

Started by sebastian_lagundzija


So in Serum. I have lots of presets in the User subfolder and they are all appearing in the same (one) column and then at the bottom there is small arrow to scroll down through the presets but there is so much of them that scrolling down is so annonying.
What i want to make it is to have all presets in more columns so they are all visible without scrolling down ,idk if thats possible for user folder but if you take a look at other preset folders inside of serum, some of them have more presets as well and they are separated in like 2,3 columns.
Anyone knows if thats possible for user folder?


There are columns on Windows but not on MacOS, I would suggest Sub-sub-folders, e.g. by category or genre whatever. User folder is not needed to be used it is just a suggestion. If you need more support (this is not the Serum forum) please use the contact form so Ii can help you locate your registration.