skins folder?

Started by koura


I was working with a friend in serum, and the skins folder is there, but it says it is missing. There is nothing inside the folder, so what should be in it?


HI !

I just updated Serum and Serum Fx via Splice and now I'm getting the same error.
I've tried making a folder called 'Skins', giving the .dll all permissions, whatever…
I'm working on Ableton, Windows 10.

Also, the link above doesn't work right, it says I'm not authorized for the content.


Don't make a skins folder. It needs the skin files which are installed by the update installer. You need to log in with the email you use on Splice. Try signing out and then sign in with that email, "forgot password".


I got it fixed. Since my preset folder is located somewhere different then the default location, the installer apparently dropped the skin folder somewhere else.
Thanks for the reply tho !

Wolf Music

were do i find the default serum folder on macos?


Menu->Show Serum Presets folder, or command-shift-G in Finder:
/Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records