Nerve Question

Started by kkostovas



As I have no access in the Nerve forums I would like to ask if Nerve is still supported and updated.
Will it get the same love as Serum in the future (resizable GUI, maybe an engine to generate sounds like KICK 2 or any other feature at all).
I do not want to invest in something that could be dead.

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A resizable UI is in the works, some testers have it but it is not complete, I don't like to talk about future plans as they are subject to change / no ETA etc.
I don't hold a lot of concrete future plans, and never concrete plans to the negative (e.g. I would not sell a product I didn't plan to update with fixes at the very least).

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Thank you Steve, just wanted to make sure it is getting some attention. The ETA really doesn't bother me.


Hi Steve, hope you’re well. Does the latest release of Nerve have a larger UI yet? I’m ready to buy it but I have poor eyesight and will struggle with the smaller UI that I’ve tested in the Demo version. Many thanks! Rehan


Many thanks Steve - I guess there’s no release date yet so I’ll try to hold tight until I cave in… ;)