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Started by stixman


Just like to say that Steve Duda has been very quick at responding to software queries and helped to resolve any issues super quick! Thanks Steve…


i just redownloaded serum onto a new macbook and i can't figure out/remember where i entered my serial number to get it out of demo mode. anyone know? 


I just purchased serum and have attempted to download a few preset packs to serum, yet neither has worked. I have uploaded them the correct way and am up to date. Can you help me fix this issue?


Hi, that shouldn't be the case, can you please provide more info? What OS? the contact form is the quickest way to get support, this forum post isn't meant as a catchall for support.


just bought serum through reason propellerhead and it won't take my code to download


@bartlanman it looks like your code was accepted the first time you entered it, which is why subsequent attempts failed. You will find your Serum SN# and downloads in "your account".


hello two days ago i did both downloaded an update for serum and paid the last bill for serum. i put my license code in serum and its crashing my fl studio almost every time i open serum since then. also how do i get my serum license on this acc here


i got my serum from splice


@fleshroux please contact me using the contact form and provide your Splice username.


hello i use ableton 9 live and i updated serum through splice and now serum is apparently disabled and won't open , does this new version of serum not support ableton live 9


You need the 64-bit version of Live if you are on MacOS