(Cthulhu) How do I switch between A, B, C, D, E...?

Started by theupgrade


Click on them… if your talking about automation. I use FL Studio here's my example if I wanted to start from A. I click B then back to A >> Tools >> Last Tweaked >> Create Automation Clip


I also need this, I mean controlling the A..L buttons by automation from the host (Cubase for me) or from physical buttons on a control surface and not only by mouse click on the GUI. I haven't seen a reference table in the manual neither a "learn" function for these buttons or other buttons in the GUI, yet I guess if Xfer did a synth (Serum) they should know how to do this in Cthulhu as well. I've played with the demo so far. Off line I know we can alt-drag the letters to the host for 1-bar render and then work on the midi track to create a track out of 12 repeated variations. What I mean is real-time control of the GUI. May someone help? Does anybody know if it's already in there or is this a "feature request"?


You can use the lowest 12 MIDI notes, or the Pattern automation parameter.


YES, it works! I painted the notes in the controlling midi track at octave -2 in Cubase, since the lowest midi notes were not on the keyboard, not even in my 88 keys digital piano.. Then I used the track automation to control "Pattern". Great! I think putting there chords from Bach or Debussy to produce dance and pop tracks has been a genius move to set this tool apart from the crowd, I will purchase in the weekend.


Unnecessary question: Someone knows if there is a significant increase of (EDM) songs using Bach and Debussy’s chords, since Cthulhu came out ? Totally agree with @fcarasone, killer feature from XFerrecords!!!