Cthulhu Arp Rate Reverts When Rendering Out Song In Ableton

Started by onlythumper


So I'm having a weird issue (not the first with Cthulhu). I have Cthulhu routed properly in Ableton 9.5 with the arp rate set to 1/4 triplets and everything plays/sounds fine during regular playback. When I render out my track, suddenly Cthulhu loses it's mind and reverts to EDIT 1/8 triplet time. /EDIT I've tried enabling retrigger, as well as setting a control automation to ramp up from minimum up to 1/4 triplet setting before the arpeggio kicks in just to be sure, and I get the same results. It's like Cthulhu is just ignoring my settings when I go to render.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? I've noticed notes just going missing from the arpeggiator on render at times as well.

PS: I'm using Serum VST for the arp in case it matters.


I would recommend the beta in the Cthulhu forum and post there if you have any issues.


I resolved it by just deleting the instance of Cthulhu and replacing it with a new instance, setting everything up the way it was on the old instance. Seems to render out fine now.